Architectural Project Management Course 

Management to deliver the talent of the Architect & Designer

We live in a dynamic era of strong digital transformation, greatly expanding the challenges of Architects & Designers. 


This complex reality  goes beyond the service of designing the absolute space (architectural project) demanding new solutions and skills to transform the customer's experience into something unique that meets their needs._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In this way, the current challenges in the area of Architecture & Design transcend the skills and technical knowledge, requiring interdisciplinary knowledge of Management (area of knowledge rarely addressed in Undergraduate Courses). 


The Phins* Architectural Project Management Course addresses Management concepts in the light of the Relative Space (co-creation) and Relational Space (agility) dimension to apply them in Offices and in the services provided by them in order to integrate management knowledge with technical skills. 

  • Learn Project Management techniques - agility, predictive, visual and hybrid - to improve your performance's productivity and competitiveness. 

  • Apply Management tools in your office and in architectural services to serve the customer with quality and differentiation.

  • Create a practical and realistic plan to develop yourself as a project manager and/or to develop your team of Architects & Designers!


The workshop will be offered exclusively in the hybrid online modality   (live + recorded):


  • Synchronous classes: emphasis on the interaction of the main points of the techniques

  • Asynchronous classes  emphasis on the conceptual foundation  of the tools.

03 Pillars 

The workshop will address the three main Management challenges related to the area of Architecture:


  •  Management of the Office of Architecture, 

  • Architectural Service Management e 

  • Project Manager Profile


The workshop will have a strong practical bias of applying the concepts in the professional reality of each one: 

  • Idealization and application of a Hybrid Project Management Plan.

  • Development and use of techniques, software and tools  


  • For Architects & Designers who wish to build an authorial career starting with their own Architecture & Design office.

  • For owners of Small Architecture & Design Offices who need to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of their operation.

  • For Architects & Designers who occupy leadership positions needing to implement and/or improve the Project Management of the teams.


programming of
Architectural Project Management Course 

The Phins Architectural Project Management Course* addresses the three fundamental pillars for anyone who owns an Office or wants to undertake in the area: 

  • Company: Management of the Architecture Company:

    • Architecture & Design Office Business Models,

    • Strategic planning,

    • Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

    • Customer Experience, 

    • Architecture & Design Office as a Project Management Office (PMO),
    • Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

  • Architectural Projects and complementary services: 

    • Project Management Maturity

    • Project Management Approaches,

    • Management of Architectural Project Programs,

    • Hybrid Project Management: waterfall, agile and visual,

    • Project Waterfall Management,

    • Agile Project Management.  

  • Role of Architect & Designer as Project Manager:
    • Project Management Ecosystem,
    • Customer and the Empathy Map, 
    • Project Manager versus Architect & Designer,
    • Key Project Manager Softskills,
    • Business Model You (BMY), 
    • Professional Development Plan. 




  • Understand and develop a critical view regarding the application of the Project Management knowledge area in the context of Architecture & Design!


  • Identify and implement as a change agent (project manager) the good practices of project management in the area of Architecture & Design.

  • Apply the concepts of Project Management in the 03 main areas: Architectural & Design Offices, Architectural Project Management and Professional Development Plan.

  • Develop a Business Model for a New Office and/or Remodel the Existing Office,

  • Develop a Hybrid Management Plan for Architecture & Design Projects,

  • Create a Professional Development Plan: Project Management career canvas,

  • Use Project Management tools and techniques customized for your area of expertise.

Class Days 

Tuesday &  Thursday 


7:00 pm to 10:30 pm 


08/31/21 to 09/30/21


15 minutes 

  • Working in the area of Architecture & Design,

  • Have technical/technological training or higher degree in the area,

  • Gather at least 3 years of experience in the market.

Students who attend 75% of classes and complete all scheduled assignments will receive a Certificate issued by Phins*


Rodrigo Sega

Executive Director Phins*

Founder and CEO of Phins*



  • Architect and Urban Planner, PUC

  • Postgraduate in Marketing, FGV

  • Postgraduate in Environmental Comfort and Energy Conservation, USP

  • MBA Project Management, FIA

  • Master in Sustainability, FGV 

  • PhD student in Sustainability, USP.

Experience as a Teacher

  • Professor at CEFET - PR teaching the subjects of Urban Planning Management and Architectural Project Development,

  • Invited professor at FIA for over 10 years teaching in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs,  de Project Management and Information Technology and Education Program.

  • Professor of Architecture & Design Project Management at Proinfo FIA.


Learn Project Management techniques and tools by applying them to the management of your office, the architectural services provided and your personal development as a project manager!


Standard Investment in 2020

BRL 2,570.00  


Promotional Investment (INSTALLMENTS) in 2021

BRL 1,290.00

(50% down payment + 50% final installment at the end of the course)


(IN SIGHT) in 2021

BRL 970.00

(in cash)


Architectural Project Management Course